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18/20 Bronze Sculpture - King Cetshwayo

18/20 Bronze Sculpture - King Cetshwayo


Commissioned by The Kwazulu Heritage Foundation this rare and unique Bronze Scuplture commemorates "the epic Isandlwana battle between British Army and the Army of the Zulu King Cetcshwayo" fought on the 22 January 1879. Bronze was designed and bronzed by Artist Gert Swart in 2002. Provided with the piece is a orignal pamphlet detailing provenance as well as the original receipt of purcahse from the original owner. 


This peice is numbered 18/20 and only 20 exist. As per provenance the #1 and #2  were given to King Charles and King Goodwill Zwelintini. A Truly iconic piece of South African History. 

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