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Our Story...Thus Far


Our motto is simple as we love creating those nostalgic memories for you with every transaction, every product and certainly every interaction through our social media pages. We always strive to build the best memories for you, whether it's rekindling a childhood one or creating a new one, we love to be a part of your journey. and promise to make it unforgettable.  


Our products may be from yesteryear, long long ago or from way back when...our offering is modern, safe, fresh and seamless. We've taken antique shopping completely digital and ensured that we married old world quality with new world technology. From the time you enter our world, whether through our website or App, we aim to transform you that special place in your history using the best technology solutions available. 


Established only in 2022 we are quickly growing our friend base of customers who desire a unique shopping and service experience. Here are just a few reasons why shopping with us is always memorable: 

  • Our secure online store is designed to be simple, fast and safe for all our customers. We really LOVE sharing our passion for Antiques and Collectables so you too share in our joy of collecting wonderful, sometimes odd, Cute and rare pieces. We hope to evoke some wonderful memories for you and give you the chance to own your own piece of history or create new memories for yourself and your loved ones. We hope you find that extra special piece that restores or creates a memory for you.

  • Our product range is extensive so you get a selection of high quality and buy at your convenience - everything from high end porcelain figurines, Brass Sculptures, decorative plates and bowls, Vintage Dinner Services, Vases and original artworks, you not only have variety but can get transported to a lovelier more carefree time. With over 100 high quality items from all over the world, manufactured by renowned artists and companies we are sure you will find your next great memory with us. 

  • Our focus is always to only buy the best quality pieces, create value for money for you and serve you in only the best ways possible. Only locally sourced pieces - originating  from around the world from our trusted friends and partners, we buy the best on offer. They are here for you to create and recreate NOSTALGIA and be inspired to start your own legacy collection or add that little piece to complete your collection. All items are carefully researched and curated for Authenticity and value. In our product description look out for the estimated Value as this will indicate the value you can derive from your purchase. Our prices are on average 20-30% below the market value. 

  • Our service is always focussed on you! 100% of our customers now friends have made more than one purchase with us.  With us you can trust that we will adapt our delivered service directly to your needs  - who you are and what your needs are, are very important to us and we will strive to keep you informed, ensure we are own time and the product you ordered is what his delivered - every single time. You can check out our reviews on Google as a testament to the type of service we offer. 

We are always happy to help you in any way we can so feel free to contact us in regards to any of our Antiques or collectables or if you are selling we will be happy to give a fair market related price for any items you would like to sell. Simply visit our I am selling page and complete the form or contact us via any of our online or telephonic platforms and we will be in contact.  

Our Customer Promise

Un-compromised Quality and Service Promise

We promise to source and offer you only the best quality pieces that are available. Our standards of quality are evident in our website, app and in-store boutique. We go the full length to ensure you only get the best quality antiques and collectables and have the best service experiences ever. You can be assured that we have thoroughly Authenticated and researched every piece we have and gaurantee your satisfaction wih your purchase. We are proud to have a zero Return rate on the items we have sold and 100% satisfaction rate.

Price and Value Promise

We promise to offer you the best possible price for any of our Authentic products ...ALWAYS. We purposely source only the best and rarest pieces that our discerning customers want. With every purchase you are assured that we have factored YOU into the equation. We ensure that our price point is below the curated value of the piece and therefore you always benefit in the long and short term. We understand that Antique pieces are not just a purchase but also an investment for the future.

Authenticity and Variety Promise

We promise to ensure that every item you purchase is "the real deal" by carefully and thouroughly researching all pieces to ensure that you are not buying a fake, reproduction or replica of the original. You get the original. Our extended network of suppliers and friends includes sunbject matter experts and tradespeople that help us from time to time to ensure that you only get the best originals. Variety is important to us and offering something for every occasion, every room or every season - you can come directly to us to get exactly what you need. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for - NO Problem we will source it for you.

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