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NostalgiaNique de Afrique


As children of the African Sun we have always held the Spirit of Africa in our hearts and certainly our entire beings. The history, diversity and our joyous response to adversity seems like an overflowing cup of Love, laughter and joy. Our ability to HOPE, DREAM and to OVERCOME  adversity, strife and turmoil is what makes us an unbelievably culturally rich people. At NostalgiaNique we embrace everyone, appreciate our differences and never divert our focus of building a better tomorrow with everyone together. 

We are proud and honoured to Launch NostalgiaNique Afrique and share the fine works of African artists (known and unknown) and their amazing and unique works. From musicians, painters, sculptors and to the mum and dads who CREATED "masterpieces" to put food on the table. We Love your work and appreciate your efforts! 

To the Artist's from dusty rural African villages who worked to create from fallen branches and twigs, at the side of the road, to the African City artist fighting the break-through battle and to the farmers who not only feed our continent but inspire us with amazing furniture and technology - we salute your for the smiles and joy you bring us...your time is here.  Your struggle in bringing us your craft and treasures must be recognised.  

#WhereAfriqueLives! is our African inspired store and showcase for some of the finest African Art, Jewellery, furnishings and Sculptures. We always strive to get the best quality, unique and rare pieces that will enhance your home, your life and hopefully lighten your spirit. The NostalgiaNique Afrique Range does all of those in a beautiful way; showcasing Africa's rawest talent in every piece. The African story and the African Arts was exported globally centuries ago and our time to rise and shine is NOW! At NostalgiaNique we have always valued African antiques and held the artist in high esteem. We are privileged to bring our African Art to your home. 

Shop Afrique

Welcome to our Online stores and hope you enjoy browsing and shopping for your next treasure. Click on one of the links below that will take you to the specific store. Do check out the Ben Tuge Collection with many one-of-a-kind pieces available.   


Shop online for all your amazing new African Pieces. Authentically real, sourced from all over our great Continent that gives your home that true African feel.


Ben and Nick

Explore the uniquely amazing work of renowned and famous Zimbabwean Sculptor Ben Tuge. 

NostalgiaNique has the Ben Tuge collection as a unique offering.  

NostalgiaNique Boutique

Stroll through our entire collection of Antiques and Collectables from all over the world. 


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