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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

1 Month Old

Our little Boutique at Lifestyle Garden Centre, Randpark Ridge is just over a month old- Time really does Fly when you are having fun! Well that's what they say anyway. Its been so busy and yet so amazingly soul gratifyingly wonderful since our launch on the 1st May.

We had most of our invited special VIP guests in-store to celebrate the opening of the store and what a beautiful time was had by all. Great company, awesome food, amazing selection of Wines and Champaigns (thanks my good friend Sli at Nanola wines), wonderful classic music, deep heartfelt conversations, new friendships and collaboration opportunities were forged. All in all great memories were created and we were honoured to serve our special guests, who deserve only the best.

Our VIP Autographed Antique book remains a source of great importance and inspiration to all of us involved in NostalgiaNique. The messages of well wishes, "we are proud of you" and "its stunning and amazing" were the central themes. Yes we needed to ensure, as we always do, that every detail was in place for all our guests and I believe we succeeded! Beautifullly decorated store as we showcased our really high quality rare antique furniture, Art selection, beautiful lamps and all the most exquisite decorative art pieces that served as a reminder of really nostalgic times. We even sold some really class pieces on the day, which is always welcomed and appreciated.

Togetherness and Acceptance is what we intended and exactly what happened - it felt like a piece of South African History was playing out right, right in front of my eyes (joy, laughter, exuberance, excitement and a genuine care for each other). I knew my guests are a special bunch but they are truly truly uniquely wonderful in every way. People being accepting of each other was eye wateringly wonderful to experience. That is US! To know NostalgiaNique is contributing and being part of journeys and history's, being able to connect people who enjoyed the experience of connection in a natural and beautiful way - just the freedom to be.

Your Home away from Home

There's alot happening and really seems like all at the same time which is the most exciting and sometimes terrifying part, as we embark on this journey. The provibial "leap of faith" is hard work and just so different. From my formal employment Analyst role to Antiques Entrepreneur...its a journey I tell you (haha) and forging new paths or changing ones destiny is often what the soul needs to grow and mature.

Our priorities are always to provide a memorable and amazing service experience; great quality products that is fairly priced. Now all nestled in a really upmarket boutique that supports and

provides you with a seamless experience just like our online store ( . A place to see, touch, smell and where you can imagine having in your own home. Again, I believe that we have succeeded.

Every person is greeted with a welcoming smile in a very neat, exceptionally clean, dust free well presented experience. The boutique had to be more then just clean, neat and well needed to be homely, light and uncluttered, a place where nostalgia lives! A brief moment to reminisce, share a joke about the good old days, remember someone close to heart and be inspired to create wonderful new memories with your loved ones; certainly a place you just love coming back to for its unique calmness, relaxed atmosphere and great mix of old "yet modern" vibe. Also a place where the quality of product and presentation is near flawless. Let us know in the comments what you think please.

The Home of NostalgiaNique

Our ultimate vision is to be a Vintage Luxury Brand that stocks or has access to the most highly sought after antique and vintage pieces that suits all our customers. Yes! I believe the products we have, meet those high standards and parameters...and...we've only just begun! with highly exclusive Brands/Artists like Lalique, Rosenthal, Wedgwood, Frans Claerhout, Royal Doulton and so many others; variety for your home is also off the charts everything from Classic Dinnerware, Rare Vintage Silver, Furniture (Office and Home), decorative ornaments. In fact everything to make your home AMAZING. With every new decision we are elevating this standard, getting better at we do to do. We have shown our focus is purely on getting the best possible products to market, packaged and serviced to suit the most discerning tastes and budget. We are clear in our vision and our plan is to certainly at each point to improve the quality of everything we touch.

We have created a strong, recognisable and memorable brand. NOSTALGIA for the good memories shared and created; NIQUE for the Unique Boutique we've created or just for Nick (me). The Colour choices are a lively, vibrant Vintage green that ties in with our care and contribution to a greener planet; Ivory in the background that signifies calmness, softness and pureness but is also a reminder of the perils caused by the illegal ivory trade and a nod to our recycle, re-use and Restore ethos. The Lions Head which is in remembrance to my Granny Minnie who gave me a gift Lionhead lapel-pin for my suit jackets. I still wear it daily. She was a pivotal in her shared wisdom and patient yet forthright teachings in developing me as a caring, imaginative and kind human being. Miss her every day!

The Outlook

We made great headway in our first month with over 50 new clients (now friends) made, sold many beautiful pieces like the Lalique Asters and Nogent bowls that went to a wonderful couple, many Artworks to some dear friends, a one-off rare Taj Mahal dinner service that also went to a great young family, cameras that were bought by a professional photographer and some really delightful pieces to many delightful and precious new friends.

Our website continues to grow in popularity and remains a great source for information, products and prices and our online platform got over 1000 unique visitors and 174 previous visitors in May with 7 sales beginning on the web and customers seamlessly transitioning into store to collect their purchase and additional 4 all competed on the web and delivered to their homes. The two worlds of our Boutique and Online store work harmoniously together with immediate notifications, stock updates, invoicing and client communications all synchronised through a single integrated platform. Yes we are a very modern "with it" antique store.

We also took in some gorgeous pieces that are so uniquely rare that curating took a full month to complete, rare Satsuma tea and coffee sets, Dancing man, a wonderful sealed (RARE) bottle of Lalique 2004 "Deux Coeur" (Two Hearts) perfume, A hallmarked silver vanity set from 1906 and a Hallmarked Silver Jewellery box set from 1908; around 30 new original South African artworks (oil, sketches, watercolours) by South African artists. We are careful, very careful in fact to choose only finest quality pieces (that we can afford) and the signs of success are blossoming - we've been commissioned to furnish a 1890 home with six rooms and the new owners, have chosen us as their partner to get authentic Antique French designed furniture for each of the rooms - a new journey has begun and we are so excited to making this happen for them.

Until we meet again

We love hosting everyone that comes to our Boutique, it hopefully becomes a place of calm, a place to relax and buy a wonderful little piece that inspires, that you can enjoy and your experience is unforgettable. Our products will always be updated and upgraded as we move speedily into a Vintage Luxury brand so register and download our App for the latest news, products and industry news.

We thank all those that have shown your immense support and helped us get to where we are and it is our pledge to always be the best for you when you need us.

God Speed and can't wait to see you again soon.


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