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Waterford "Colleen" Port Glasses

Waterford "Colleen" Port Glasses


Our Selection of amazing Waterford Crystal glassware defines what Vintage Luxury  is. With a range of truly high quality pieces in near perfect condition. Our collection of Discontinued Colleen Pattern Short Stem, Cut Panels & Cross Hatch is for a serious collector and entertainer looking for the finest  and most luxurious in tableware. The Colleen Pattern was discontinued in 1973 and is the second most popular design pattern after the desired Lismore pattern in Waterfords history. 


Sold as a Set of 6

  • Cleaning and Care

    To keep your crystal in pristine condition we advise the following care tips for you 

    It is advisable to wash each glass individually and not stack them in the sink all together - this will help you avoid chipping, scratching or cracking. 

    Do not use strong detergents (example Bleach) or water that is too soapy. It is suggested you use a light cleaning liquid with luke warm water (NOT HOT to the Touch) with a soft cloth to wash your Waterford Crystal. 

    Use a lint free drying cloth and a lint free shining cloth and shine your Waterford Crystal once most of the water has been dried off. 

    Store in a cool dry cupboard. 

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