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Elegant Hartmann and Keppler 6 Seater Dining Room Suite

Elegant Hartmann and Keppler 6 Seater Dining Room Suite


FULL RESTORATION OF SUITE COMPLETED by the team at Hartmann and Keppler.

Elegance | Charm | Character| Exclusivity | Magnificence

Manufactured between 1968 and 1972 - this superb Vintage Extendable Dining suite is really off the top shelf of Luxury and Exclusivity and will add elegance to you home with no compromise on Quality.

Each piece is Intricately Hand carved out of Walnut Wood and the wood is in near perfect condition for its age (aprox 55 years old).

Chairs (x4) and Armchairs (x2) are covered in the finest Dark Green Genuine Leather with Diamond Pleat pattern on the seat backs, original springs in the seat are still perfect and will gently and comfortably support you and guests.

Dates confirmed with Hartmann and Keppler!



1. Stripping of old leather (Ox Blood) 

2. Sanding of all Chairs, table legs and table top to bring out the Amazing Walnut grain. 

3. Sunburt areas prepared and matched to original colour. 

4. Wood resprayed to match original colour. 

5. All seats and armchairs fitted with new foam on top of original springs.

6. Upholstered in Genuine Leather with intricate Diamond Pattern back-rests. 


  • Price excludes


  • Table Dimensions

    Table Width and Length when NOT extended 104cm x 170cm x 75cm

    Table Width and Length when extended to 104cm x 226 cm x 75cm


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